Gingerbread Trim

One of the finest examples of the decorative wooden trim made at Sutherland Steam Mill called ‘gingerbread’ can be found adorning another Nova Scotia Museum. Shand House, located in Windsor, is a showcase of this decorative art.

  1. Shingles (shingle machine)
  2. Moulding (moulding machine)
  3. Finial (lathe)
  4. Cresting (scroll saw)
  5. Rosette (lathe)
  6. Verge board (scroll saw)
  7. Ornamental shingles (shingle machine and bandsaw)
  8. Bracket, perforated (scroll saw)
  9. Smooth corner board (planing machine)
  10. Balusters (lathe)
  11. Clapboard (planing machine with attachment)
  12. Perforated panel trim: Each panel (panelling/carving/moulding machine) is separate and slides into grooves (planer/matcher) cut in the dividers (12a.) and rails (12b.). The dividers have teno (tenoning machine) cot on each end. The complete decorative units of 10 panels each, could be assembled, then installed as a 10-panel length of trim, A panelling/carving/moulding machine (ancestor of the router) could produce the panels. A tenoning machine could cut the tenins on the dividers and a planer/matcher cut the grooves into which the panels slide.